Missing rest after independent section (and multirest problems...)

My intention here was to use repeat bars and a wiggly line (as advised in Behind Bars) for this repeated figure, and I’ve got as far as this:

I’ve been diverted from adding the barlines and the wiggly line by the realisation that the rests are missing from b. 36. (BTW, I just noticed that that bar number should be 49, and the 36 is evidently due to the change to independent measure; I’ve since corrected it with a bar number change in the part.)

What I find strange is that the rests are present in the score:
I have both layouts set to ‘Globally’, and have tried the Shift+B ‘rest’ popover and the ‘Starts voice’ switch with no success. If, in the part, I repeat that crotchet, the bar does fill with notes, but - once I delete the extra ones - no rests replace them. I’m out of ideas. Can anyone help?

In bar 49 in the score, select the two rests and type O - you should find that this turns on the Force Duration clamp. Does that fix it?

There’s a known bug here.

I’m afraid it didn’t. When I’ve finished with something else, I’m going to try exiting the program and restarting it.
(After restart) Nope, that didn’t work either. Maybe I could get away with making it a semibreve - after all, it’s a heavily damped bass drum!
[Later, after more trial and error:] Oh dear, I’ve now dug myself into a deeper hole. After managing to get the single-staff start and end barlines in more or less the correct place, a whole row of unconsolidated bars (27-33) have replaced the multirest that was there previously. There does seem to be a relationship between the multirest issue and the presence or not of the independent barline, but what is it, and how can I have both a correctly-placed end repeat bar and a multi-bar rest?

I guess what’s going on there is that you have an instrument change happening immediately after the first beat of the bar, but the instrument that you’re changing to has a bar rest in that bar, so there are no rests on the new instrument for Dorico to show to complete the rest of the bar (because from a technical point of view, the bar rest lives at the start of the bar, and Dorico isn’t clever enough to automatically split it into individual rests in the event of a mid-bar instrument change to an empty bar in the new instrument).

If you switch to galley view so that you can see the old and the new instrument together, if you create explicit rests in the new instrument such that there is a rest of the same duration as the first note in the old instrument, when you switch back to page view, the bar will appear with the correct duration: the note from the old instrument, and the rests from the new.

Thanks, Daniel, but I’m afraid I still can’t get it to work, and I think I may have misconstrued your instructions.
This is how things look in Page view at the moment (still no rests to fill bar 49):

And in Galley view - the first instrument to play in the flow is the Bass Drum, and the next instrument (the Clashed Cymbal) doesn’t come in until the penultimate bar of the flow, b.78:

For a moment, I thought it might be possible that the problem lay with a ‘duplicated’ Common time signature. Here was a screenshot of part of the Galley view of the full score:

The first ‘C’ is the independent time signature, and the second - as I discovered in making the screenshot - is a superfluous signature on all staves which has remained unnoticed till now. Thinking I might have found the solution, I deleted it… but nothing else changed.
That row of bar rests in the first image above gets consolidated into a multi-bar rest if I put a System break before b. 49:

or after b.49:

  • but there’s still the matter of the single crotchet in b. 49 itself.
    Of course, I’ve completely messed things up by now, in that I seem to have lost the space I had before for the proposed wiggly line. As the parts need to be delivered in a couple of days’ time, I think I’m going to have to think of another way of expressing the instruction, and doing away with the independent barline/timesig routine on this occasion.

If you want me to take a closer look, you can send me the project and tell me where the problem area is, and I’ll see what I can figure out.

That’s exceedingly kind of you, Daniel - I shall do just that. [Later] Done.

Sorry that I’ve not yet had a chance to look at this, Gareth. I will try to fit it in today. My inbox is perpetually a swamp and this week doubly so.

Hi Daniel –

Thanks for the update – I can well understand, given your unstinting help on the forum on top of the development work for Dorico, why you would have an overflowing inbox!

It would be good at some point to know what is going on with the file I sent, but please move it much lower down in your priority list – in the end I had to deliver the material to the client, and managed to make the score and percussion part just about work (including turning that lonesome crotchet into a semibreve!).

Best wishes,


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Sorry that I’ve not yet had a chance to look at this, Gareth. I will try to fit it in today. My inbox is perpetually a swamp and this week doubly so.