Missing rests when changing instrument

I have a oiece, where 3 players are holding to instuments. (I can’t post the project here).
When there is a rest (rests) at the end of a bar, before the insttument is changing, the rests are not shown in the part. I have read, that there some issues with instrument changes, but I couldn’t find a thread for this problem. Is this one of the problems, which have to be solved?
Daniel, if you want, I can email you the file.
The score was imported from MusicXML, and I moved the music to the other player by using “move to staff below”.
Any ideas (without seeing the project)?

Sometimes notes and rests in MusicXML imports have their “Ends Voice” property set unecessarily. Select the last visible note or rest before the missing rests, and if it has “Ends Voice” set in the property panel, untick it. Select the first visible note or rest after the missing rests, and if it has “Starts Voice” set in the property panel, untick it.

There’s an entirely separate issue whereby rests can go missing at the point of an instrument change (from one instrument to another, on the same stave). The workaround for this is to enter explicit rests (using Force Duration) in Galley View, as described here, for example.

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A new variation on the problem described by Leo here is that if you have local time signatures anywhere in the flow, then Dorico is currently unable to “snap” the instrument change transition forward to the next barline, which results in the same symptom as when you have an instrument change transition within a bar, i.e. that rests go missing between the last note in the original instrument and the first note in the new instrument or the barline, whichever comes first. We have just fixed that latter problem a few days ago, so that will be fixed in a future update, but in the meantime you should be able to work around it by adding explicit rests in the new instrument so that appropriate rests exist in the new instrument immediately following the last note in the original instrument.

No “End Voice” or “Start Voice” porpertires are set. Adding ecplicit rests to the instrument, which is changed to later does the trick. I will try after the next update, if this issue is resolved. Thanks to Leo an Daniel!

To be clear, the very next update will not include this fix, but a future update will include it.

If you want me to take a look, please post a minimal example.