Missing REVerence Presets


I know this topic has been discussed, but my REVerence and Roomworks presets suddenly disappeared. They USED to be there… now gone. I noticed others had the same problem and so i heard about a knowledge base article concerning this. I can’t seem to find it after searching extensively. (And yes, I DID search quite a bit over there)

Can anyone either tell me how to remedy or at least point me to the article?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



I had already saw this one, which is why I posted about this. I tried it and I actually couldn’t tick off what I needed to - cubase wouldn’t let me (it was greyed out). I started the system up this morning and bingo, i could do it. I don’t pretend to know what happened. :question:

Thanks for your help anyways!

Do you start cubase by a double click on a cpr file or cubase first and then your project?
Sounds strange, but it does make a difference.
When I start cubase with a double click on a cpr a lot of presets are missing here…

Cheers, Matze!