Missing Ruler on display

The ruler and top of the 'Inspector is hidden behind the toolbar (with or without the Info Line/Project Overview active) and cannot be seen or accessed - impossible to work.
If it was consistant one could work out the problem, but sometimes it’s there, other times not (on opening and closing different/same projects).

I have stood on my head trying to correct this, but damnit, I want to work, not play discover what’s wrong!
Any ideas anyone?

Now I know why it’s time to move on from Steinberg.

Can’t afford this bullshit.
Shame on you.

Found this answer (at last)
Re: No Workspace Ruler

Postby Bryherboy » Sat May 19, 2012 1:16 am
Problem solved, and for anyone else who may encounter this issue here’s the solution. I am running a second display monitor and any new projects opening in the second display have no Timeline / Ruler. Simply open the new project in display 1 and then move it display 2. It works for me!
Thank you to everyone who offered possible suggestions. :slight_smile: