Missing samples in player, reconnection problem


This is a kind of specific question and I’ve read through the manuals.

It’s about Cubase ai5 and Native Instruments’ Kore Player. I accidentally moved the Kore Player to another folder when I installed another program. Kore Player was moved automatically, I think I didn’t do anything. Then I noticed that in my Cubase projects some of the Kore sounds had disappeared, but some not. Okay, I managed to move the player’s sound content back approximately where they had located and eventually reconnect them to most of my projects - when the “samples missing” - dialog had appeared, I browsed the sounds manually.

The problem is that I saved some of my Cubase projects (actually didn’t save but made backups) at a stage when I had skipped the sample searching. So they are saved(backupped) without the reconnections to Kore Player. Now when I open the project, the “samples missing” -dialog doesn’t appear anymore. So, I’d like to make the connections other ways, but I don’t know how. I don’t know from where to connect the sounds…

It would of course be nice to know where was the original Kore Player sound content location, but that’s a kind of secondary interest. I only wish the “samples missing” -dialog would show up again and guide me to the new sound locations. But yeah, how can I find them and connect them back to the Kore player myself? To the projects I had saved without the sounds.

Maybe it’s also good to mention that after I had switched/tried out the right settings in Kore Player itself, after moving the sound content files to their present place, the Cubase projects that I opened now, where I had not made the reconnections or saved, opened without asking about the missing files or anything. Everything was on it’s place. But still they won’t go in the saved projects!

Thank you,