Missing Samples issues with newly installed Cubase

Installed Cubase 6 last night and things seemed to go smoothly. The video I watched on installation explained (I thought at least) that the installation would put everything in the appropriate place automatically. When I tried to open some of the “sample” projects (hip-hip, electro, etc.) I was faced with a dialog box immediately that stated “Some audio files are missing. Please check installation.” This was and issue with Halion Sonic.

I then opened and instance of Groove Agent One and LoopMash. I tried loading presets. The names of the presets are there, but I’m asked to locate the samples. I took things for granted after hearing in the video about installation that folders would automatically be put in the “right” place, so I can’t honestly say I know where to look for these. I went to the media bay and Rescanned with no luck.

I thought about uninstalling and just reinstalling again, but when I went to the Device Manager to uninstall I noticed that all the content seems to have been installed. The content for Halion, Groove Agent, etc. I’m embarrassed to say I can’t figure out how to find them though and get Cubase to recognize where to look for them though. Any advice on what to do here will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help.

Please post your system specs, it will make it easier to help you out. You mention device manager so I assume you’re on windows.
Most of the content should be found under users/[user]/app data/roaming/steinberg/content/vst sound
Open Media Bay in Cubase and do a rescan, you should have a “VST sound” item in the tree view listing all content found.
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