Missing simple feature ( SIDE )

W7 is wonderful running it with no problem under XP Service Pack3, the one feature missing is the m/s but the SIDE feature is not available under ( EDIT ) _then go to ( COPY SELECTION TO NEW WINDOW ) _ go to ( COVERT TO MONO ( MIX ) that’s your MID, now lets add on the next update this feature were we can see ( CONVERT TO SIDE ) then W7 is fully the complete CHAMPION of all and be UNTOUCHABLE. Thank you Steinberg Team, hope this request becomes available.

I am not certain to follow what you describe. But next update will have a new Mid/Side vst3 plugin, somehow similar to the ToolsOne plugin available in the Legacy plugin set (Windows only).

Thanks for the your answer PG , to explain what I mean is removing the mono of a stereo the matrix for this is taking the stereo file and splitting it to mono in 4 channel Left pan to left Right pan to left inverted, Left pan to right inverted Right pan to right that’s the matrix of removing mono, the Tool One is great but it doesn’t`t not reproduce exactly this, then what I do is open new audio montage one stereo channel and a mono channel so then I have more control over SIDE & Mono apply what ever I will like to for example a compressor to the mono or a small amount of reverb eq to side etc… for my mastering .

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If you you the Tools one, do M/S, then reduce the level of the Mono side, then insert a M/S plugin again, to revert back to stereo, don’t you get what you need?

Nice. :slight_smile:)