missing slurs in piano system from XML-imort

Just in case this has not been reported yet:

When I import an XML-file in which there is a piano then all slurs in the lower staff of the piano system are omitted by Dorico. The slurs in the upper staff are there. This problem still existed in versions 1.2.10.

I suspect the problem may lie in the MusicXML file you’re importing rather than with a general problem in Dorico, René. Which application is the MusicXML file from?

Hi Daniel,

The files are from Sibelius. I‘ll try to import them in MuseScore and see if it will work with this App.

Unfortunately you’re right. There seems to be a problem with the xml export in Sibelius. Very frustrating!
It was the right decision to switch to Dorico.
Now I have to to input all slurs manually. Terrible.

Hi all,

Just for information. I have just installed the now freeware dolet for Sibelius in order to export XML-files with this plug-in and it works much better than the export function of Sibelius included in the app itself. A shame for Sibelius.

But good for me now. All slurs are no imported into Dorico. Even some fingerings (unfortunately not all) get imported when I use the dolet plug-in.

It is a known fact that some text items, undesignated for a particular function, are omitted when imported into Dorico. Fingerings in Sibelius that are not flagged as fingerings in XML are therefore omitted rather than being applied in an unpredictable manner.