Missing some VST Sound files....can I redownload?

I’ve redirected Cubase (and moved vstsound files around) in the past to access these sound files, but this time I think the files are just GONE. I’ve searched my entire computer, and think I may have deleted them by mistake while doing some large file cleanup/maintenance.

\VST Sound\FCP+SMT122_Groove_Agent_ONE_AM_Drums.vstsound <-- Allen Morgan Signature Drums
\VST Sound\SequelContent000.vstsound <-- “Sequel Content 000”

These are stock Cubase sound sets…not the separate “sound packs”.

Where do I find them online? I’m on C8. The most recent disk I have is C7.


You need to download the Full installer of Cubase 8, which is located in your MySteinberg > Download.

Still on Cubase 8? Common… :laughing:

Thanks I’ll do that now!

On a related note, can I choose the VST Sound’s install location? I know I’ve moved it in the past because by default it installed on my primary SSD.

Thx again!

No, you can’t.

The trick is to install it to the default location. Then make an aliases of all vstsound files, keep these aliases in the default folder, and move the source folder to the wanted location.