missing somes vstsounds bank


In the media rack on the right, Some steinberg loops and samples bank are missing ( 5). I manage to move all of them in another folder with library manager and just one more is available. I can access to all of them in the main media bay but not on the right media rack (with the cover box).

I have cubase on a second laptop and no problem there. I dont want to reinstall all things for that…

Thanks you for your help.

Hi and welome,

Make sure the MediaBay Rack is set the very same ways as the MediaBay. For example, is “Include Folders and Subfolders” enabled?

Thanks you for your help,

I dont see a setup where i can enable it… can you tell where to go ?
Thanks you


Go to the manual , please.

Yes I enable it, I just dont see a specific setup for the media rack.
I have to precise that I update from 10 to 10.5.

This pic to explain clearer.

Thanks you for Your help:)

Ok , Solved with complete reinstallation.

Having a similar problem. I saw all 7 folders for Groove Agent SE in the “Loops and sounds” in the right hand Media bay. Now all of a sudden I only see 5 of them. Rock/Pop and GA SE Library has dissappeared. They do come up inside the VSTI and when I open F5 but not in the right side Bay.

Frustrating indeed, I would dread reinstall Cubase!
Tips Before I go that far?