Missing sound archive after update from 5 to 6

I just bought the update. Upon first launch, I am now getting a missing sound archive error message. I have clicked SEARCH and it gets hung up after so far into the search.

I put a screen search. Folks at Steinberg must be really busy. Been waiting for an answer on an issue in Cubase for 6 days now. Nothing.



Did you try running the installer again?

I have most of the sounds. I just purchased the update. Is there another installer for more content

No, but just reinstalling Halion fixes most of these kinds of issues.

I had the same thing, a few missing sounds after going from 5 to 6.

How did you solve the issue? I just upgraded from 5 to 6 and having exact same problem.

Er, i didn’t try to solve it as i didn’t try (am using other sample libaraies).

I just noticed it when installing.


Exactly the same problem after installing the full version.
42 files missing.

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