Missing Sound Archive OSX

The install of H4 on my Mac Pro is intact: HALion Sonic purchased after installing C6, updated to v1.52, then purchased H4 when the upgrade from HS became available. :smiley: The library is on a separate internal drive.

The issue is with the install on my MacBook Pro with the library on an external FW hd. I first noticed it when trying to load various pianos: Warm Grand, Dark Piano, etc

I reinstalled all (HS and H4) content onto the external drive. The user>Library>Application Support>Steinberg>Content>HALion>VST Sound folder has short cuts to all sounds on the external drive, with the following sounds locally installed (and also on the ext hd).

What do I do to fix this situation?
samples 1.png
samples 2.png
samples 3.png

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  1. You will have to make alias from every content file in this directory/ path:

[Mac HD]\ Library \ Application Support \ Steinberg \ Content \ HALion \ VST Sound

2. Now start Cubase and open the HALion 4.5 and use the “Rescan Disk” button in the HALion 4.5 Mediabay.

Thank you Marcus :smiley:

I’ll have a chance to do that this evening and will report back.

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I’m probably did something wrong, but making alias’ of the VST Sound Contents, copying them to my ext hd, etc, then hit Rescan disk does not resolve the issue.

I wonder if I should completely uninstall HS and H4, erase content on the ext hd and then do a fresh install.

The Mac Pro install was problem free. Not sure what went wrong here.

Finally…Success :exclamation:

:arrow_right: The support team was very patient and helpful. :sunglasses:

The issue seems to be a mystery but I’m very happy to be back in gear with a fully intact HALion 4.5 with no more missing instruments. :mrgreen:

How did you resolve this issue?