Missing Sound Packs in Media Bay

Updated many versions of Cubase over the years, and somehow, sometime, something went wrong. Only 4 sound packs actually show up in the media bay, others (“Blockbuster Content Set” as example) do not. I’ve used the standard installer (Download Assistant), didn’t do the job. Same with the Library Manager.

How can I re-set the media bay to recognise and show all additional sound packs?

I’m working on a Mac, MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 - Cubase 11


I had similar issues:


I will join the que.

Just purchased “Klanghaus VST sound loops”. Downloaded. Found it in the roaming folder with all the other sample libraries.
But Cubase 11 is not showing it in the media bay.
What’s going on? What have I done wrong?

Any suggestions to get the packs to show up?