Missing sounds and presets C 5.5.3

Hi I have been using few versions of Cubase for the last few years. About 1,5 years ago i upgraded to Cubase 5. I have been using it without any problems. Last week I had to re install my system and that is when I encountered this issue. I have installed Cubase5 then I installed 5.5.0 update and then 5.5.3. I didn’t have this last update installed before the new system.

  1. Some of the presets in HAlionOne are missing. (Cannot find or Load preset)
  2. All the REVerence presets are missing. (Cannot locate Impulse Response File)
  3. Some Groove Agent One presets are missing. (Failed to locate samples)
    Maybe there’s more but for now i can’t find any other problems.

I’m using Windows XP Pro SP3
Are there any other people with the same problem? Any ideas? Re-installing everything will take another couple of hours and there’s still no certainty that it will work. You think I shouldn’t have installed the update? That’s stupid isn’t it?

I have re-installed the whole package again. Now it’s fine. I will never get used to this installing issues. Always something wrong :wink: