Missing sounds in Cubase Artist 6 Trial mixdown

When mixing a project in Cubase Artist 6 Trial, some sounds are missing. When playing the project, I can hear them. I tried several selections and it seems as if sounds are randomly left out when applying the mixdown. Is this a built in limitation of the trial version? Or will this also be a problem when I buy the full version?

It is not a limitation of the Trial. It is fully functional (other than a smaller HALion Sonic SE library).
Are you using the 64 bit version with some 32 bit plug-ins? This problem has been reported by a few people and it seems to be an issue on systems with lower amounts of RAM using bridged plug-ins.
Try freezing some tracks or using a realtime export and see if that helps. If you are using bridged plug-ins, try saving the project under a different name, then replace all the instruments in the bridged plug-in tracks with HALion Sonic SE and export just to see if the sound works in the export.
Describe you system and hopefully someone will have some other ideas.

Thanks for the advice. I imported a Cubase Essential 5 file and had to replace all Halion plugins. But as far as I can see all of the “old” plugins are also available in Cubase Artist 6.

EDIT: I forgot to remove one old Halion entry. Suprisingly I did not use the track but it seemed to cause the error though. I did not encounter any missing note since I removed that one.