Missing Stereo outputs

So I finally decided to switch over to Cubase from an old DAW I used to use thats now really outdated. I’m not too well versed in setting up or fixing audio issues however.

Anyways, I installed everything there was to install, I open up Cubase 9.5 and I get a message that says "Missing Ports: Digital Audio (s/pdif) (High 1, and Digital Audio (s/pdif) (High 2. Out, unmapped.

I tried going into the Audio Connections window but it only says Missing: Digital Audio (s/pdif) (High 1 & High 2. I have no options for anything to choose for the outputs, so what does this mean? Is it just not recognizing my computers soundcard? How do I fix this? I’ve tried searching around but cant find a clear answer.

  • Thanks, Digi.

Did you check Studio Setup… > VST Audio System? Make sure you’re using the right ASIO driver for your soundcard/interface.
Given that all is well, there should be some sort of second page specific to your hardware. On this page you should find the list of audio ports, and normally it defaults to what’s really going on.

The Audio Connections window won’t help you unless the VST Audio System is properly set up, which won’t help you unless your hardware drivers are in order. The chain of dependencies is Hardware -> Driver -> VST Audio System -> Audio Connections -> usable buses in Cubase.