Missing tab "Write" in Windows

Hi, recently there is a very strange behaviour in Dorico 4.1 on my PC: the tabs for “Write” (Schreiben) and also the 1st one (“Einrichten”) do not appear.
“Notation”, “Play” are doing well. Also the shortcuts strg+1, strg+2 do not work. strg+3 is correct. What is that?

Another question: I have a score with some triplets. I set the triplets without brackets in the score. But in the parts these triplets are still with brackets. Why don’t the refer to the score?



For the second question: you need to set the Properties scope to “Global”, so that changes to the score will change all the other layouts.
Some properties will need to be preserved across layout, but others won’t.

Have you hidden the Toolbar by any chance?

Hi Lillie,
yes, I detected a conflict between Dorico and Fastkeys. The problem was ctrl+1, this is a standard shortcut in fastkeys. Your tip for enable/disable the tab-bar (ctrl+6!) was really helpful!

Thank you very much.