Missing Tabs - Right Zone

Hello, Recently bought Cubase 10 Pro - couldn’t resist at half price. Obviously lots of extra features that I want to explore, however, with the right zone visible, I can only see 2 tabs; Control Room & Meter. How do I make VSTi and Media tabs visible?


Hi and welcome,

These 2 tabs should be visible out of the box. Please try to reinstall Cubase (from the Full Installer, as an administrator, please), it looks like an installation issue to me.

Hello, and thanks for your reply. I tried this; Installing from the full installer, as administrator, firstly running a ‘Repair’, option, then, when that failed, completely uninstalled Cubase and re-installed, again as Administrator, and the exact same issue occured - still only CR and Meter tabs available. Any further advice, please?



Could you attach a screenshot, please?



This is MixConsole window. The other tabs (MediaBay and VST Instruments) are in the Project window only.

Media Bay and VSTi are only shown at the Project Window. The screen shot shows the MixConsole.
I would love to see them at the MixConsole right zone as well (especially since the nice plugin pictures).


Well as I said, Lots of new features for me to discover. - I finally have side-chaining proper, as well as a whole host of other exciting things to play with, plus a brand new machine that doesn’t give me grief in terms of VST performance, so it’s good to know that so far, the only issues are user-error.

Thanks people for your help.