Missing takes on Lanes

OK, this is the second time this has happened in a couple of months… the first time I assumed I had made some kind of weird accidental key combination or some other user error to cause it, but now that it’s happened again, highly unlikely —

Lead vocal track – did 8 takes.

Go into comp mode and all the LANES are there but lanes 1-6 are empty, only 7 and 8 have takes on them. (Takes 1-6 definitely recorded, I listened to them on playback spot checking as we went).

Additionally there wouldn’t be Lanes if I hadn’t recorded anything.

Presumably I can find a backup somewhere with takes 1-6…hopefully. If I do what is the best way to bring takes 1-6 into the current project and make them lanes on the current track along with takes 7 and 8 so I can comp the whole performance?


Luckily takes are just one long file displayed one bellow each other. So if you miss the take, you can extend the take above to get the signal/data.

I wonder, if this would be a general bug, I would expect quite a lot reports here on the forum.