Missing takes on the "To Front" list

Hi there

I recorded some vocal takes today. Vocal_50, Vocal_74, Vocal_76 and Vocal_78. Currently, I can see the Vocal_78 on the track. I would like to choose other takes which I recorded today. However, when I open the “To Front” menu, there are not 50, 74, 76 and 78 which I expected there. Anybody can tell me what to do? Any comments and suggestions would be very appreciated.

I am able to see those takes in the Pool. However, I cannot see and select them in the To Front menu.

Do you see them if you show the Track’s Lanes?

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Hi raino,
Thank you for the response! Sorry, I should have mentioned it. Actually, my Cubase is Elements. So I don’t believe I have the Lane feature.

OK, I don’t really have any experience with how Elements manages Takes but you’re right it is more limited.

Seems like you should be able to just grab the Audio from the Pool and drag it onto an empty Audio Track.


Thank you for helping me out, raino! I was able to restore the missing takes on another track!