Missing Templates/Presets

I don’t see my project templates that I had in 11 and my transport bar, tool bar and My key commands have all been reset to default. I stored presets for each of these in 11, but they do not appear in 12. Can I import these settings somehow?

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It seems that every time there’s a major update, various users have mixed experience about this.
First time I lunched C12, on the loading window, it said “importing setting from previous version” and it worked.
Other times (I.e from C10 to C11) didn’t work on my system at first, but it worked with a later update.

Anyway, it’s possible to export/import the majority of the settings manually.
If you’re on Mac, while saving presets, there’s often the right click option “show on finder”.

Hope this helps

I was not able to get my transport and tool bar presets to transfer, but those didn’t take long to redo so not a big deal. I was however able to get my templates and Key Commands to transfer by moving files from their 11 locations to their 12. My templates and Key commands were the most important so I’m glad at least these two worked. It would have taken me forever to remake those from scratch. Thanks for the help!