Missing the horizontal mixer size adjustments in Dorico 4

Dorico 4 is a great new version full of improvements, but I miss the possibilty to adjust the size of the mixer, that was possible with + - in Dorico 3.5.
I prefer to use two monitors, the second monitor for the mixer, but for a complete overview with all instruments, the new mixer is still not sizeable, only when a part of the mixer is also shown on the first monitor (see the picture). Or is there a possibility to change that?
Another point, that I like to propose for the next update: Comparable with Cubase, it would be helpful, to save the mixer view with every project. If I load a Dorico project, the exact mixer view appears on the second monitor. That would be great.

Henning, I’m not completely sure what you’re reporting: you should certainly be able to resize the Mixer in the usual way, by dragging any of its corners or edges. Are you saying that you cannot resize it if it is entirely contained on a secondary display, and it can only be resized when it’s on your primary display?

I think this is about Dorico’s 3.5 mixer zoom buttons that make channels wider/narrower – this doesn’t seem to be available in Dorico 4.

Right, I see. Thanks for clarifying. It’s quite right that the Mixer faders currently only have a single width.

Thanks and sorry for my English, that´s the problem. Olilo, also thanks, you told the problem in one sentence. With + and - it was possible in Dorico 3.5 to make the channels wider or narrower,
for having a perfekt overview of the mixer on the second screen. Now in Dorico 4 the mixer faders and channels only have a single with. Zooming the mixer in each direction should be possible,
like before. It would be also helpful, if I could save those mixer settings with every project, so if I open my project again, the mixer settings appearing automatically and correctly on my second screen, comparable with Cubase since long time. Thank you!