Missing tie when condensing

Here’s an odd one. It only happens once in my score. Here’s my two bassoon parts with condensing off. Note that the second note (low G# quarter note) is tied to the next quarter note, in both bassoons:

But if I look at it in condensed mode, that tie disappears!

Ah, and I just found the exact same thing in the 3rd trumpet, but with a slur this time (not a tie as in the OP). Condensing off (watch the orange note and its slur):

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 9.41.06 PM

Condensing on:

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 9.41.27 PM

Can you please upload that portion of the project? Or the project?

Is it possible that you’re using a voice other than the first up-stem voice in those passages?

I just checked, and both parts only use one up-stem voice (as would be expected in a monophonic track). I selected those entire phrases and used right-click > Voices > Change Voice > Up-stem Voice 1 just to make sure. The problem persists.

Upload (a part of) the score and you will likely get an answer! Otherwise we are just endlessly guessing…


OK, I’ve copied the file then gutted it of everything except these two problems.

The first example (bassoons missing ties) occurs in the second movement (first flow) in m18. The second example (trumpet missing slur) occurs in the third movement (second flow) in m23.

problem file with missing ties-slurs in condensed view.dorico.zip (1.2 MB)

For me, at least (which means it might or might not work for others), I found that the bassoon tie problem was fixed by selecting both bassoon notes (with condensing turned off) pressing U to untie and then then T to tie . After turning condensing back on, the tie appeared.

Bassoon tie

I’m still looking at the other problem.

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For problem no. 2, I showed Signposts then deleted the Condensing Change in bar 22. The trumpet slur appeared.

Trumpet slur

If deleting the Condensing Change adversely affects other things, I would suggest adjusting what is in the Condensing Change until you are happy.


One other way of fixing the bassoon tie issue is, after turning condensing off, select the low G# on the 4th beat in the two bassoon parts and press 5. I had noticed that when selecting that note or the note it is tied to on the first beat of the next bar, the extent of the selection varied between just the note, the note and tie, or both notes and the tie. Pressing 5 re-establishes the duration.

Remove the forced duration and reset those notes as minims.

As @StevenJones01 says, remove the m22 condensing change.

In general, I find that Dorico condenses best if it is left to it’s own devices. I only introduce condensing changes at the end of the workflow.

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