Missing Tools

In Cubase we have

  1. Audio Tempo Definitions Tool
  2. Edit Ptich/Warp Tool
    3)Edit Segments Tool

All useful tools for the sample editor. We also have the ability to go between some of these tools with the optional tools like Tool 9 and Tool 10 but neither of these commands take you between variaudio pitch and segment tools like they do in Cubase. Can these be added to Nuendo. I get so frustrated because there always seems to be things in one or the other program that I really like missing from the other. I wish there were just one master app that had all the features and an LE version.

I got Nuendo NEK. Don’t know whether Nuendo on it’s own doesn’t this tools. But I got everything.

Thank you for your reply I should have started off by saying in Cubase we have these key commands. We also have NEK Nuendo 7.1.20 but these key commands are missing from Nuendo and the commands assigned to Tool 1-10 also don’t yeld in any of those tools being activated for me.

To be sure are the actually key commands there for you and if so I don’t see a signature for you are you on Windows or Mac?

Preferences - Editing - Tool Modifiers

I see “Edit Ptich/Warp Tool” there for example. So it seems to exist at least using a modifier.

Yes but more specificly I am not looking for tool modifiers I am looking for shortcuts to the tools. Cubase also has “Hitpoints Tool” which Nuendo left out.

The only missing tool from Cubase is “Toggle Range Selection” which I am not exactly sure what that does. It doesn’t seem to aply to the two range selection options you get in Nuendo and I can’t find any other editor it works in. The manual says nothing of this either. Regardless the three other commands being in Nuendo is what I am after.

What do you mean by “shortcuts”?

Key commands, shortcuts, I was just throwing out another term since I had said Key Commands to try to help clarify.
They say a pictures worth a thousand words so here is four in one, my appoligies for not posting one sooner.
Cubase and Nuendo.jpg