missing tooltips in nuendo 5.5.5 (64bit)

I recently upgraded to exclusive 64bit configuration, including a 64bit version of nuendo and plugins.
somewhere along the line the tooltips in nuendo have gone missing, I can no longer see tooltips when I mouse over buttons etc.
I been all over the preferences a few good times, searched the manuals, tried to do a search for it on these forums, found nothing.

anyone got any ideas as to how get the tooltips up and running again ?
it may have been something I overlooked, Im open to all suggestions.

win7 ultimate 64bit (latest updates & patches etc)
nuendo 5.5.5 64bit

thanks for now

Hi michael,

the preference is called “Show Tips” and is listed under “General”


thanks for fast reply, made my day. :slight_smile:
Im not sure why I ticked this one out in the first place, must have done for some odd reason (it will probably come back to me at some point in the future).