Missing transparancy in waveforms and midi tracks from Cubase 10 in Cubase 10.5 and 11

I really miss the transparency wave and midi forms from Cubase 10 in Cubase 10.5 and Cubase 11. I tried all settings, but can’t get the same effect.


Could you attach a screenshot, what do you want to achieve, please?

Hi, yes

Cubase 10

Cubase 11

I want to achieve the same transparency of the wave/midi forms of cubase 10 in Cubase 11



My guess is, you are complaining more to the change of the flat events, which was introduced with Cubase 10.5. Honestly, I can’t see any transparency differences in the pictures. What elements exactly would you like to see more?

I assume you’re talking about how faint the midi note data is displaying in the midi tracks/events
in the Cubase 11 screen shot?

Check the “Note Brightness” slider in Preferences.
If it’s in the middle of the slider, note data is virtually invisible - slide far left or right for contrast.
Don’t forget to click Apply to see changes. :slight_smile:

Preferences >Event Display>Midi>Note Brightness

I’m on 10.5, but I assume these Preference settings will apply to 11 as well.



No I’m referring to the color shades in MIDI&Wave clips in Cubase 10. It’s very dynamic. From dark on bottom to light on top.

This disappeared in 10.5

It would be great to have this back. Maybe as option in coloring preferences?!

Okay, I understand what you’re referring to now - the vertical colour gradient in the tracks.

I never actually got to see that in version 10.0.
I’ve only recently updated to 10.5 from 6.5 and when I installed the base 10 version, I didn’t open it at all and updated straight to 10.5.

You’re right though - it does/did look more aesthetically pleasing.


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The color gradients were beautiful to look at and I admit I’m kind of bummed about the flat look. Would love the option to enable/ disable them. Cubase just doesn’t pop like it used to.

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Do you mean like this?



Sorry, I couldn’t resist… :smiley:


Now THAT’s flat design.

Joking aside, I wonder why this tech (part coloring with gradient fill, transparent events, different mixconsoles through the years, left zone design) is not kept around available as a preference, and instead it’s deprecated and removed from the program.

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I agree!
I too prefer the older look/color


Just saw this Martin …my notifications don’t seem to be working.
Ha, Ha - :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
That’s a sneak peek of the new retro look for Cubase 12 isn’t it ?

From all what I read and remember in this discussion the 3D/Color gardient was removed for performance improvements. Especially in large projects the response was laggy (mostly on Apple imho) and hence this GUI element was taken away completely, perhaps on a second side also to follow the competitors, to look same boring and old fashioned like ProTools :wink:

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