Missing transport panel when starting C8.

Hi All

Anyone else get this behaviour?

I have the transport panel at the bottom of the primary monitor where I always like it. I quit Cubase.
When I load a track or create a new empty track there is no transport panel visible!

I have to click view panel every time I load Cubase!

Have I missed a setting somewhere or is this a bug?




Happens to me sometimes too.

Not exactly a true fix, but in the Windows version, tapping the F2 key will toggle the Transport controls on and off.

Does that work on the Mac as well?

At least it’s much easier than mousing around through menus and clicking.

Yes, it’s certainly easy to bring back (can also call up a Workspace :wink: )

I am running CB on a PC so maybe it is different but, I created all of my templates with the transport panel (which I hate btw) as small rectangle in the lower left and other windows where I want them. It opens that way each time I create a project and each time I open an existing project. The only thing that changes periodically is the zoom view of the project and mixconsole windows. The transport panel is always the same. Preference settings under general are set to “only external projects” in Open Projects in last view used.

Bottom line… check those preference settings and try creating a template with the transport panel saved in it.

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I haven’t been able to pin down the sequence of events yet, but I can confirm that my transport panel disappears a lot in Cubase 8, whereas I don’t remember having to re-display it so much in previous versions. I’m an F2 user as well, so it hasn’t been a huge pain- but I’'m 99% certain something is happening to make the panel go away more often in C8. (And not just when starting Cubase or opening projects- it goes away while I’m in the middle of working on a project.)

As mentioned above, begin your project with a template that has everything arranged as you like.

To build such a template, start with a blank ‘new project’, set things up for your favorite work-flow scenarios and save them as Workspaces. Save the empty project once you’ve set things up.

You can create entire 'Workspaces" which will remember the size, locations, and topping order of all your open windows. Workspaces can be assigned to key-combos.


Is it being ‘closed’ or simply falling back behind other windows?

If it is actually being ‘closed’, are you changing to Workspaces that might not have had the transport controls open when you saved the setup?

Window Topping:

For me (Windows 7, CuBase Pro 64bit), Transport usually stays the top window once I open it, and does NOT go away unless I close it (usually by toggling the F2 key) with only a couple of exceptions:

[] Selecting a different “Workspace” that does not include the Transport Controls window.
] large plugin windows (I.E. Halion 5) can top the transport bar.
[*] Some of the settings windows or dialogues can top all other windows.

CuBase 8 can do some things that earlier versions did not allow, that can sometimes cover or hide other windows or dialogues. I.E. With CuBase 8, you can drag windows to different screens/monitors.

CuBase 8 Pro spread across three monitors.
( Two side by side at 1024 X 768 and one centered underneath @ 1280 X 1024 )

Due to the new abilities intended to better support multiple screens, some windows have new options on their behavior. I.E. If you open a VST plugin, you might find in its options menu (usually somewhere in the upper right hand corner of the plugin window) that it can be set to ‘always stay on top’. Always top seems to be the default for plugins. When that is enabled, it can cover your transport controls.

Here you can see how the Eighty Eight Ensemble plugin is topping ALL windows that I have open in this shot.
I could change that behavior by toggling “Always On Top” so the check-mark disappears.

If you loose a window due it having been ‘topped’, you can usually bring it back to the top layer with the “Window” menu.

An exception might be if a large Plugin window is active and set to ‘Always Top’. In that case, you’ll need either close the Plugin window, re-position it, or toggle it so it’s not ‘always on top’ to see whatever is ‘under it’.

Yep, I have considered this, mainly because the MixConsole window has a way of always disappearing behind the rest of my stuff, but my experience with the transport panel has been different:

When MixConsole “disappears” I know it’s just obscured from view because it takes two F3s to bring it back. (One to hide, one to display.)

When the transport panel has been vanishing in Cubase 8, I only have to hit F2 once- because it’s already hidden in the application, not hiding behind other windows.

…now we have ascertained the Transport bar is being hidden for several Mac users, please can someone at Steinberg
confirm this will be looked in to?