Missing "true bypass" feature on mix bus

Maybe it makes sense only for my workflow, but I’d really need a “true bypass” for inserts (no matter how much time the switch would take, like “freeze”) to save resources when operating in an all-in-one project with effects on the mix bus that I want to stop to save resources. I always clear and reload track presets. Am I missing something?

A bypass doesn’t take the effects out of the processing. That implies the word bypass :wink:
It just switches to the slots input signal with the delay compensation on.
Supervision for example has no bypass functionality, it doesn’t send the signal back to the slot.

But I guess you need to disable all insert slots with one command.
Currently, this is not possible without extra effort.
You can disable single effects only. ALT-Click on the FX slot to disable it.

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Woow that’s exactly what I was searching for! Love you!