Missing / unresolved audio files problems

Very new to all this, learning as I go so forgive my ignorance and basic questions.

Basically came back to Cubase today to load up some projects I’d been working on. There are 7 projects I had saved within a folder alongside other folders for various music stuff on an external hard drive.

The first thing is that when I was opening the one I wanted to work on, rather than just opening it up like normal it opens a dialog box to ‘Set Project Folder’. Can anyone tell me why it’s doing this for this particular project and not the others?

I just selected the location it already is as that seems to make sense…

So when I set the project folder, before the project opens fully I get the ‘Resolve Missing Files’ box - with every audio file in the project listed! The funny thing is the file-paths of the listed audio files are all on a location on the PC hard drive that I definitely did not save them on. It was all saved on the external drive and was absolutely fine the last time I opened it.

I then noticed that this happens for all audio files in all 7 projects within this folder.

All project files on other folders on the external hard drive are fine. It’s just these 7, in this particular folder.

Hopefully I haven’t done something that’s caused their deletion or something. Can anyone see what might have happened?

I’m using Cubase 6, Windows 7, Motu Audio Express interface.


Windows will assign a different drive letter if you’ve got more devices than last time for example…
In general, windows 7 doesnt always play nice with mounting network drives and sometimes you need to disconnect and reconnect etc…
So … maybe if you make sure you connect the external drive as the first drive each time… or make it fixed as in http://www.howtogeek.com/96298/assign-a-static-drive-letter-to-a-usb-drive-in-windows-7/

Possibly there is a preference setting for the default path… I know there is a setting for loading the default template… if you set that to be on your external drive… it might help cubase find your other stuff…


Thanks for the reply…I’ve set the Static Drive letter…I often switch the external drive back and forth between the PC and laptop…so that seems a good thing to do but I’ve a feeling it’s not what the problem is.

In the ‘Resolve Missing Files’ box for instance - all the audio files listed don’t seem to exist whatsoever when I follow the file-path, I’ve looked for them and no sign at all.

This is the 1st time I’ve tried to resolve missing files like this - I assume normally you search for the file, find it and establish a new file-path?

As you can probably tell, my IT skills aren’t what they might be - I feel like this problem is something of a right of passage - though obviously praying that the files are recoverable - they can’t have disappeared into thin air…can they??? :slight_smile:

regarding setting the path - I’ve changed the default path for new projects - which might help a small bit for future new projects but the thing about all this is that the project (incl all working audio files etc) was always saved in the right and same location up to when i opened it yesterday and all was messed up…I had saved and opened it hundreds of times with no problems.

I’ve searched all the drive locations for the files in the ‘Resolve Missing Files’ box but they don’t exist…not under those file-names anyway. They are in the Pool. Scratching my head…losing hair

Yea. You should probably establish whether you have the files at all… first!
If not, try the external drive on a different computer… I hope you havent lost them )-:

thanks. will let u know if i uncover anything worth knowing…

think i’ll just record them again - there’s not a massive amount of work there thankfully. pain in the boll*x nonetheless though.

never backed them up of course - the lesson every newbie has to learn the hard way :slight_smile:

I would try searching for one of the filenames using windows explorer search. If it finds it note down the folder location & then point Cubase’ resolve missing files there.

Or if you go to where the project was saved (which is also listed in the Project Assistant) Is there a folder called audio within the project folder…and if so does it contain any audio files?

Also note that if you start a new project without setting the location first files will be recorded (on Windows 7 at least) to C:\Users\Administrator (or presumably your username if you have one set)\Documents\Cubase Projects\Untitled-xx (where xx is an incremental numbering)

Because of this it is always advisable to set a project location with clear naming before you do anything at all…if I do start something quickly as I’m just trying to get an idea down before I forget it, I will always use backup project before finishing to copy the project to my audio drive with my other work.

And of course it is always worth having a spare drive purely for backup & ensuring you do this after any important work has been done.