missing variaudio dropdown

I recorded a vocal track, opened the sample editor and activated variaudio, not sure whether I actually did anything. Next I did an overdub, now when I click on the file, I get the part editor, so far so good. Now if I click oneither of the clips to open the sample editor, it opens minus the VariAudio dropdown. I’m sure this is a nuance that I don’t understand yet, but would someone please hip me?
thanks :blush:

Disolve the part. :wink:

Thanks Martin

Disolved the part still no variaudio

right click on the menu bar button things it will give you a tick box of what to show…

Thanks Flunkie, I trashed the presets and that fixed it.

I have the same issue and have tried to resolve the issue as mentioned above, however the drop down is still missing. Please help.

Many thanks in advance.

And what is your used software…?