missing video thumbnail cache?

if I import a video into cubase 6.0.7 64bit, there is always a massage: missing video thumb cache.
So the video screen always remains black.
I´ve installed quicktime, and all important codecs. so I can play the video on my computer without problems.
I also tried dirrerent formats - but always the same

what do I wrong?
Attached a screenshot.

thank you very much

Win7 64bit
Cubase 6.0.7
thumbnail problem.JPG

anyone can help me?
I still dont how to solve it

thank you very much

Check out page 513 in the Operation Manual for info which might help.


Hi Mauri

thanks a lot for your reply. I tried everything from the manual but it wont work.
I mean if I manually choose “generate thumbnail file” nothing happen. really no reaktion :nerd:
also its impossible to generate audio from a video file.
doesnt matter if I add the video with the import option, or drag n drop directly in the project window.

also I tried several video formats like .avi, mpeg4,…

do you know what could be the problem? I´ve add a pic too.

thank you
new file.JPG

Hey, Bert,

Sorry I can’t be of much help, please post your system specs, that’s always a good idea anyway.

I don’t work with video but have imported iPhone (whatever fomat that is?) video into Cubase and it worked fine, including thumbnails. Is your QuickTime up to date? I think your problem is system specific, meaning there must be something wrong (obviously, doh :wink:! ), or the fault is in your settings somewhere.

I’ll have another look when you’ve posted your specs,


Hi Mauri

just set up my music computer completely new and now its full working :smiley:
It seems it was a quicktime problem or a problem with the video codecs wasn´t uptodate.

But now there is a new problem :neutral_face:
The video player window remains black. hmm
tried everything also to switch video power to 100%, use different frames per seconds, use different video formats and so on…

I work on Win7 x64, 2,2 GHZ Dual AMD processor, ATI Radeon X1200 Video card.

Thank you
Bert from Vienna

edit: added screenshot
vid black.JPG

Greetings, Bert,

The only time I get the black video screen here is when the cursor has gone past the end of the video clip.

I really don’t know what the problem is with your setup, sorry mate :frowning: .

All the best,