Missing VST Bridge?


Hopefully somebody can help clarify for me - does the 64-bit OSX version of Cubase 7.5.1 have a VST Bridge for loading 32-bit plugins? None of my 32-bit plugins are available for me to load (Sylenth / SoundToys).


Yes, at least on PC.

On my MBP Cubase (64 bit) has no problem with 32 bit VSTi/plug ins

Any ideas why I don’t see SoundToys / Sylenth listed then? They are in the VST folder.

S-hit. If those don’t work in 64bit there is no way I’m going 64bit now. Those are standard issue in my studio.

Hi All

Just a thought, have you set Cubase to scan the 32bit VST folders, you do it in Devices/ Plug in information then click the VST plugin paths tab.

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