Missing vsti - cubase not telling me what it is though

Hiya, having a bit of an issue (running cubase 9.5, latest patch etc…windows 10)

I’ve just opened an old-ish project (that was made before my last windows/cubase install) and it’s showing a missing vsti, but it’s not telling me what the vsti is.
It’s a channel that I apparently called “fake flute”, and it’s just telling me that “fake flute” can’t be found.
Not very helpful.

Is there a way I can find out what vsti it was? (Other than installing an older version and trying to open one of the older .bak files)



I would guess it was a VST 2 plug-in which doesn’t report its name.

You could open de CPR (or BAK) file in a text editor (notepad) and search for the plug-in name there.
Try finding “<PluginState application=” VSTi name could be there.