MIssing VSTs after deleting Installation-Folder?

Greetings guys and gals,

I just installed my first Cubase (LE10) via den Download Assistant, which then downloaded ~17GB worth of data to a folder on my desktop. In this folder there was the “Setup.exe”, which I used to successfully install Cubase LE 10 this morning.
After everything worked and I ran CUbase for the first time, I deleted the folder, as I thought it’s just installation data…

Then I started Cubase LE 10 again and it said two VSTs are missing… damn, what did I do wrong? And how can I get them back somehow?
As said: The Programm can be started and used, when I chose “skip” for these two missing files on start-up.

I’d be grateful for any kind of help, really!

Kind regards,


Hi and welcome,

To me it sounds very similar like this thread. Am I right?

If yes, could you please continue in the other thread and provide more details?