Missing windows when opening project

I’ve been working on a 10.5 project in v11 all morning.

Quit cubase and when opening the project some of the previously open windows don’t return to their previously open state

eg. Mix Console - Control Room - Audio Performance

so ‘some’ windows state not saved properly in project. Can’t get a reliable repro …yet



It works as expected here. Can you ever reproduce it, or not anymore?

I don’t know what triggered it - and can’t get it to happen again. It was 3 windows that didn’t reopen. Not a showstopper and I’ll keep an eye on it.

Same issue here, did anyone figure it out? eg. Mix Console - Control Room. CB11 won’t open 10.5 projects windows as they were saved. I use a 3 monitor setup and have to drag every window to its place. If I toggle the mix console icon it moves it from my 2/3 monitor to my main monitor full screen. I tried making custom workspaces no applesauce there either…

I haven’t had it happen again - although, like you, I’m using 3 monitors

Hopefully, mine will clear up too… not a big deal all things considered. I’ll start a new post to see if someone else has the same issue.