Missing XML event items

I am using the “Export selected tracks as XML” feature to export music tracks for my show. I then import the XML into a website which extracts the timing info for the various clips so I can do my music cue sheet reporting. The problem is that Nuendo seems to drop clips that are attached with fades. Only the first instance of the clip with it’s timing shows up. The rest are completely missing. The website seems to be working correctly since I opened the XML and it does not contain the elements as expected.

Any one else experiencing this issue ? Am I just missing a setting on the export ?

*Edit : So I had someone else in another studio confirm this issue on Nuendo 6.5. I am using Nuendo 7.1.

Hi Ibewa,
As a work around you could re-save your Nuendo Project as “XML Export” or something then hit Ctrl-A to select all your audio and then go up to the Audio menu and select “Remove Fades”. You would then hopefully get an accurate XML for your logs and it wouldn’t affect the length of the clips either.

Thanks Wheels,

That is basically what I have been doing. Was just hoping that this would not be necessary. Especially in a program that is so good at streamlining workflows. I really like Nuendo but this is a stupid bug.