missng the "Lanes Display Type button" C7 Elements

Hy all. Am i the only one, who is missng the “Lanes Display Type button” in C7 Elements ? This Feature was in Cubase 4 LE :open_mouth: ? Do Steinberg not implement this Feature in C7 Elements ? I searched in the Comparison Chart, but i doesnt find it …

Hi Siegfried, I had this problem, too. There is no button, you have to select (only!) the track you want to work with, go to Edit/Select/All on Selected Tracks. Then go to Audio and choose “Events to Part”. Finally, when you double click on your track, it opens in the Part Editor and you can work with the lanes. Unfortunately, when you add new parts, you have to “dissolve parts” and make sure everything in deselected - it might take more than one try. Then you go through the same procedure again. Not ideal. If a more experienced user knows a better way, please help.

Hy singadream

Thank you, your answer is really very helpful ! Thank you very very much ! :slight_smile:

Very welcome - I’m still hoping there’s a better way or will be soon.