Misterious thing

Hi, since few days I have the problem with one project (in the moment) that Nuendo hangs with actualisation of mixing routines (win 10) and I`ve to cancel it via taskmanager. Relaunching Nuendo I delete program preferences. Then it works for one session. The next session Nuendo hangs again with actualisation of mixing routines and the story goes on as written before. By this procedure I don’t get a crash dump. But my question is: did anybody experience this problem too? Best, Udo

Does this happen with different sessions or the same one? If so I’d say your project has become corrupt.

might be. Will check it on another system tomorrow. Now I try the new beta release.

ok, problem solved! everythings works fine with the new beta. Didn’t find a related problem in the list of solved problems, but anything should have been connected to my problem, which is solved now also.

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