Mit Balken die Zählzeiten "auffüllen"

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Ich habe folgendes Problem in einem Projekt für Neue Musik.
zB in einem 3/8-Takt möchte ich den ersten Achtel notiert, der Achtelbalken soll jedoch über den folgenden zwei Achteln sichtbar sein:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-28 um 08.37.21

Geht dies nur via “Eigenschaften”-Menu mit Ausblenden der Notenköpfe und-Hälse? Ich stehe grad auf der Leitung…

Herzlichen Dank im voraus!


…soeben selbst rausgefunden. Manchmal gehts etwas länger.

Partie-Optionen - Balkengruppierung - Pausen innerhalb von Balken und am Anfang und Ende von Balken erlauben.

Mein Problem besteht doch immer noch. Wie kriege ich das hin in Bezug auf die Balken?
Danke für eure Hilfe!

Und dies?

Greetings, Andreas. Even with the illustrations and machine translation, it is hard for me to understand what you’re referring to. Are you talking about what we call in English ‘stemlets’ (Halsstummel)?

Hi Mark

I think I’ve solved it: I didn’t know how to set the stem-direction to upwards, when there are Pianonotes grouped together between the bass- and treble-clef. Somehow I could do this now, first the Ab (treble) was upside down…

Unfortunately I have got another issue: I want to notate quarter note-sharps as seen below:
Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-28 um 14.41.34

I select the high D, go to “Tonales System” (Tonal System?), switch to Stein-Zimmermann. The quarternote-sharp is shown under “accidentals”. As soon as i click on it, the tonality system switches back to 12-EDO, the accidental doesn’t appear…
I’m new to writing modern classical music, so I try to copy a score from Anna Webber…


You have to input a key signature to fix the tonality system in place. If you want quarter tones throughout this piece, add an “atonal” key signature with the 24-EDO tonality system at the start of the flow.

Hi Lillie

I think that’s what I do- maybe this shows better my problem:

…takes so much time…
Thanks in advance!

Thank you sooooooo much!

So I have to select Stein-Zimmermann FIRST, then write “atonal”, then select the accidental I want.

Wow! SO much relieved!
Thank you Lillie, all the best!


I cannot avoid noticing that other Steinberg forums follow a different policy. I find in this one, German, Russian, Spanish and even Japanese posts. The real drawback is what happens in searches. Perhaps at least the title should be in English, every user can use Google without issues…

Please forgive me… :roll_eyes:

(Btw: Ich liebe Deutsch! :wink: )

Dear Alberto

Here’s the short and polite version: “please write in English”.
You’re right, there’s no language policy for Dorico, probably because there’s a big german speaking community. Didn’t have any problems so far. Had some really helpful people answering both, in German or English. None of them have complained.

Cheer up :wink:

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Sometimes it is very helpful for the user to post in their native language and for us to translate (via GoogleTranslate, if necessary) rather than straining to use English when the problem is difficult to explain or one’s English is not the best.

Of course, if the poster in those circumstances also includes a GoogleTranslate version, that is really helpful to those of us who do not speak the poster’s language.

Dear Derrek

Thanks for your statement, I totally agree with you!
Happy to be part of the forum, it‘s really helpful!

Best regards




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