Mix advice/help

Not sure if this is the right place for this.

The version with plug ins sounds ok on my MP3 player but not very good on my computer speakers or other systems.
Can anyone give me any advice/help on how to improve the mix?
Thank you.


The drums were recorded in a studio (with 10 mikes) everything else in a home studio.

To give advice, more info is needed on the sound you are aiming for, and why you think it sounds OK on your MP3 player and not on other players. For instance, which plugins were used and why? On first listen, on my little netbook speakers, I find the version without plugins sounding better. Especially the vocals fit the mix better (for the style fo music).

You would probably receive more feedback on a subject like this posting it here …


Or here …


i am really a novice here but i did listen to both versions on regular headphones. i found the version without plug-ins to have more life, bite and be clearer.