MIX C5 and Master WL ....???

I have a dilemma.
All the time I was mixing and mastering in Cubase. Than I decide to move to Wave Lab for mastering. More room for plug ins (ASIO issues in C5), better environment for work.
But here is my dilemma: in what stage should be the mix left in Cubase (or other DAW) in order to get good base for mastering in Wave Lab?
What I’m saying is, what level, what can be put in output channel as far as FX’s or I will say what should be put in output channel etc.
I know your ears are your bible but I’m talking about general basic rules that I or others should remember.
Maybe there is some nice tutorial to watch or read and learn…?

When it´s finished…

I was acctualy looking for more practical-expedient suggestions…

I´m sure you were…
So you need someone to tell you, when your mix is finished and what to put on your mix without hearing it?
What did you buy wavelab for? Seems to me like you don´t know really know yourself…
Read the manual, see what it can do, what you can´t do in Cubase, or what it can do better than Cubase, then use it therefore…

Ooo - thank you for an advice.
By the way - I didn’t ask nobody to tell me what to put in my mix or master.
But simply from someone more experienced than me in studio environment, just few tips or hints.
It’s like you train for first time marathon. You know how to do it and what is your training strategy. But when it comes to the big day, there are always those who done that before and can tell you - “don’t drink too much, don’t eat too much, etc.”
It’s same when you learn playing keyboard and than you want to move to grand piano.
And than you will ask me what should I do to reach a good performance.
I can tell you :"don’t you hear your self ? Keep practicing - you might get good in 20 years… read books about it.