Mix Channel Mute Channel Solo Listen and Read Write Buttons Visibility Issues (Solved)

Mix Console/Project Console Mute Channel Solo Listen and Read Write Buttons Visibility Problems

I am running Nuendo 10.2 on Windows 10 latest update. I have had the below GUI issue since Nuendo 8.2

On both the Mix Console and Project Window, the channel Listen, Mute, Solo and Edit buttons along with the Record Enable, Monitor and Automation R/W buttons do not appear. The button backgrounds are black and not grey. So with a black background for the buttons and black text they are not visible. If the background for the buttons were grey as designed, the black text on grey would be normal. I can click on them and they do appear to work fine. The buttons just don’t display properly. A fresh install of Nuendo does not fix the issue. I have attached a jpeg of the mix console. This happens on 99.9% of the projects I open. On a rare occasion, a project will open where the button backgrounds are grey as expected.

Is there a way to change the background colors of the Listen, Mute, Solo and Edit buttons along with the Record Enable, Monitor and Automation R/W buttons? That would fix the problem. Maybe there is an xml file entry somewhere I could hack.

The Windows\Windows reset function does not work.
Deleting the %appdata%*Steinberg*\Nuendo x.x folder does not help.

Does anybody have some ideas on this?

I have attached a screen shot of the problem.

Some help would be much appreciated.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

I am experiencing the same problem. Screenshot here:



That looks like no fun.

I’m on Win 7 with Nvidia GPU pushing 3 different monitors, all at different resolutions. Everything is at default settings, in terms of desktop/GPU/monitors.

I’ve attached pics of a 65" 4K and a 27" Dell touchscreen, both showing mixers. All looks as it should.

Can you post all your system specs, please, if you have not. Vital info for getting help with this issue.

As for me, I’m on my Lenovo ThinkPad T520, Core i7-2620M 2.7 GHz, 8 GB at the moment - running Cubase Artist 10.0.20 in Win10 Pro. I haven’t installed Cubase 10 Pro on my Core i9-7920X yet, because I’m in the process of constructing a new home-studio. I’m excited about what Pro will look like on the i9/Win10 Pro, running a NVIDIA Quadro P400 graphics card. Maybe things will function better…


is your screenshot of Cubase or Nuendo?

Same question then for the OP.

This is the Nuendo section.


Could you try to reinstall Cubase/Nuendo from the full installer? Make sure you are installing it as an administrator. To me it looks like a faulty installation, where the pictures are missing.

Ooops - I didn’t catch that this is the Nuendo section. Came here via a Google-search for something like “Cubase 10 missing solo and mute buttons”, so I did not check. As I said above, I’m in Cubase Artist 10.0.20 at the moment. Maybe the problem could be a faulty installation. I’ll check a little…

A while later:
Now I have re-installed Cubase Artist. The problem still remains the same. But I will swap to a Cubase-group, to discuss the situation further. :wink:

Still have this issue. Here is the requested screen shot.


Could you try in Nuendo Safe Start Mode, please? If it doesn’t help, try to update your graphics card driver, please.

Hi Martin

Good news. Safe Start Mode changed nothing BUT I got the GUI issues resolved by.

  1. In Device Manager I disabled the Intel HD Graphic video adapter driver that was on the motherboard. This forced the video adapter to use the generic Microsoft driver. Then I launched Nuendo using the generic MS driver and the buttons had a grey background as expected. It all looked great but I was unable to use two monitors using the generic driver.

  2. I tried to find more recent drivers for the Intel HD Video but no luck.

  3. I installed an old GeForce 210 video adapter along with the latest Win 10 drivers and all is good. Two displays working just fine.

I want to thank you for the suggestions. It was display adapter/driver issue that fixed the issue. Much thanks.

Yes. This. How do programmers get paid to make things more difficult for users?

Add to this, dialogue boxes whose borders open outside of the work area, so I’m constantly resizing them to be able to apply changes or close them, and a channel fader, that in older versions stayed open (preferable) and now I must constantly click two buttons to open it - only to have it close again later. No settings in preferences to change any of this stuff from what I can tell. “Pinning” the channel fader open does nothing. Kill that workflow Cubase! It’s like a creativity tax that benefits no one. I just downloaded Cubase 11 and if the above “fix” works, why didn’t Steinberg include that in the download?

Still an issue! And how about all the stuff on the ever-too-long transport panel that just disappears because there’s not enough room because they made it one row instead of two! I wish I could get the UI of Cubase 6.5 back.

Feel free to comment on Cubase, but this is the Nuendo section. And some of the problems are already fixed