mix color console not working?

Cubase 10.5, Windows 10. Following the instruction on the Cubase video, it doesn’t seem to work - it’s retaining my default track type colours.

I’m on track&mix console, I’ve ticked the box “Mix Console Channels” and ticked “Use last color applied” (in fact I’ve tried all those options.)


Don’t save the preferences preset after doing this. Just click OK, it should by applied.

Martin, thanks for your reply. I now have it working - what I didn’t realise ithat you have to change the colour of the tab on the left, not just the track showing the waveform.

So it seems I need to change the color twice from the default? Once in the tab for the track and then the track itself? Or am I missing something?

See image where you see some tracks are still showing the default colours in both regions, some showing what happens when I change the colour of the bit with the waveform and where I’ve gone in twice to amend it.


Wait… Maybe we are not using the same language… What you you mean by “tracks”, please? For me the track is what do I see in the track list. In the arranger window I can see a MIDI Parts or an Audio Events/Parts.

Martin, thanks again. I always thought of it the other way around.

So in your language, I add an audio track. It picks up the default colour I have set for it (yellow). I then record a event/part, that inherits the same colour. I now decide I want to change the colour of the track and the event/ part. Is there a way of doing of changing the colour of the track and it’s events/parts in one go or do I need to do that seperately?


It works for me exactly this way you described.

When I change the track color in the Inspector or the track list, even the audio event changes its color.

ok thanks. But for me if I have already recorded events then if I change the colour of the track it doesn’t adjust the colour of the events. It’s ok, it only takes a moment to change them and you solved my original problem.

thank you again for your help!


I was thinking if there is any settings you could change, but I can’t come to any.

But it would be interesting, could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?