mix concole - center selected track ?

when i select a track in EDIT view the linked console also selects this track and scroll the mixer so the track is visible.
BUT ! if the track is out of visible range, mixer console will be automatically scrolled so that the track is visible but always on one side either left or right of the mixer … :neutral_face: so when you select multiple tracks that or at the right of the actual visible part of the mixer then only the left track of that selection is visible. you have to manually scroll right the mixer view to see all your selection.

also… when you select a track chances are you might be interested with track nearby just because … people tend to groups tracks by stems no ? or you have guitar mic 1 / pickup / room etc…
so when you display track “y” you might want it to be in the center of the mixer view so you can easily see what’s going on track “x” and “z” left and right of it .

is there a way to force selected tracks to be “centered” in the mixer console display ?

I totally agree with you. Why is the selected track automatically scrolled to the left side of the window? Why isn’t it in the center? or (preferably) to a user-defined-position?

Same counts for zooming in the project window; why is the cursor automatically centered when zooming in and out? Very annoying…

Niek/ Amsterdam.

And +1 for the zoom centering the timeline.
Why not have the timeline positionned at 1/4 left of screen so you see what happens right of it… but also can have a look at what was just before.
Anyway I talked about this timeline line…6y ago 8? So it doesn’t give much hope for the mix console center :rofl:

+1 Great idea.