Mix Consol missing buttons Intel HD Driver Problem


I’m having a problem with missing buttons in Mix Consol channel strips, I tried updating the bios, display driver, made windows graphics performance adjustment and no changes. I could not find a place to change graphics acceleration to turn it off.
If the driver is changed to the Windows Basic Display driver the button appear.
Intel i5-2400 3.10Ghz
Intel® HD Graphics 2000
12GB Ram
Windows 10 Pro build 1809
Intel HD Graphics Problem Cubase.jpg

Have a look at this post (expecially if you have multiple monitors):
– and this Knowledgebase article:
HiDPI support on Windows 10
Make sure you’re not using a custom scaling in the Windows display settings.

Hi MrSoundman,

Fixed the problem by replacing the video card with a AMD Radeon 220 - 2GB DDR3 for $50.00 and now the problem is solved. Figured I would be running into problems down the line if I kept using the old built in video GPU

Thank you for your help.

Glad you solved it and thanks for reporting back for the benefit of other users! It does prove that the problem was with the Intel HD Graphics, although your hardware is also quite old and unsupported. I’ve got things working fine here on HD Graphics 630 ( but I have noticed a few quirks in recent versions of the driver.