Mix Console A/B


I would love to have the option of having A/B comparison in the Mix Console. It would be great to compare the mix with differents variations of faders, pans, volumes, etc with just one click, isn’t it?


I’m not sure if it’s doable, as switching to the second mixer setting is like loading another project, however It would be still great to have A/B feature on a single channel at least.

EDIT: or did you mean A/Bing settings excluding inserts?

My desire is A/B for all settings including inserts.

As example, channel 1 is the drumset and channel 2 is the vocals.

In channel 1 we have 1 compressor and 1 eq.

In channel 2 we have 1 compressor, 1 eq and 1 exciter.

If I click the Mix Console “A” I have the faders of both channels at -20db, pan at center, and the knobs of the inserts at maximum position.

If I click the Mix Console “B” I have the fader of channel 1 at -15 and pan left, channel 2 at -14 and pan right, and the knobs of the inserts at middle position.

This is an example for better understanding, hope it works.

My idea of A/B is not that Mix Console A have different plugins that Mix Console B, that could be crazy.

My idea of A/B is just to have the possibility of compare different values of the parameters in the faders, the pans, the inserts, the sending, etc. Just changing the values of the parameters. Wherever you have -15db in A, that you could compare the same parameter at -12 in B.

Hope it’s clear.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think it should be easy to do that.

In the case that it’s complicate to make A/Bing in the parameters of the inserts and the sends, at least A/B Comparison for volume and pans of all channels at the same time would be useful.

I see. That indeed would be cool!