Mix Console Always on top

how? I re-installed & can’t remember how!
There isn’t an AOT option for it (F3) like there is for F4, F11, F12.

The option has been taken out when C8 came out.
Steinberg has been ignoring our requests to have it back ever since.

Ignoring… ignoring… it’s not like ordering a hamburger in a restaurant dude They surely work on it. You need to be patient.

Is that your modest-expert opinion on the matter?

I am joining all threads on this matter, I want AOT back too. Not only that, I want an option for a full screen project window as well.

I want a hamburger.

Steinberg is located in Hamburg, so that should be easy :wink:

Trying to keep the requests for bringing back the AOT function all in one place. Support if you want. Thanks :slight_smile:


Regards :sunglasses:

Ah, taken away. Why I wonder?
A vote here to bring it back as well.

Isn’t that what the call they natives out there? Hamburgers? :laughing: