Mix Console Channel Width

The updated Mix Console in C13 is great, and I’m relieved that my Configurations and Workspaces from C12 still work. As an added bonus - the new window structure means that, for the first time ever, Cubase will remember which display I want the Mix Console on and which I want the main Project Window on at startup. I no longer have to have a button mapped to remind it where I want everything!

One issue I have though is that if I switch Workspaces - so that the Mix Console and Project Window swap displays - Cubase will reduce the number of channels visible, in order to fit the Mix Console onto the narrower display. It would be great if, instead, it could automatically make the channel widths narrower and keep the same amount of channels visible. I haven’t found an option to make this happen… so if it’s not possible, I wonder if I could add it as a feature request.

I think I’ve solved this one. On previous Cubase versions, additional Mix Consoles would not appear when saved as part of a Workspace, so I couldn’t easily use different Mix Consoles for different monitors.

C13’s new window structure seems to have fixed that issue - which is really handy. :+1: