Mix Console enhancements.

Dear Steinberg
I have been a actively cubase user for years and I do believe Cubase has the best Mix consoles of all DAW on the market.
However I do not understand the Need for a different mixconsole in Lowe Zone?!
It would be so mush better if we could just dock the standard MixConsol (F4) in the lower zone.

Another thing I haven’t found that I miss is a folder toggle in the mix console so that tracks in the folder can be toggled to show/hide in the mix console
If this can be done now pleas let me know how :smiley:

I also wish the Mix Console had separators that the user could add where he/she wishes to make visual separations in the mix console and maybe also in the track List/view
Would make a huge impact in view and management.

In the mix console, The zones left mid right is fine but separators would make a great improvement.

Also why’s is not the mix console colored fully like the tracks can be?



+1 for all

Yes to all!

Good suggestions!