Mix Console fader controlling fader from 3rd party channel strip plugin


In Cubase Pro, I would like to have the ability to link the movement of the fader of a 3rd party channel strip plugin inserted in a Cubase channel to the movement of the fader of that same Cubase channel where the 3rd party plugin is inserted. This functionality should work in any Cubase channel, either audio track, group track or instrument track.

Example: if I insert a channel strip plugin (like Plugin Alliance SSL4000) in any Cubase audio channel, when the fader in that Cubase channel is in 0, in the plugin the fader it is also in 0 position; in turn, if I move the fader of Cubase channel down to -6 then the fader in the plugin follows and moves down to -6 too, and so on.

I use SSL channel strip in every channel of a mix as the last insert in the chain because of its sound, I don’t have hardware fader controller, so it would be much easier to mix if the fader in the plugin follows the movement of the channel fader where the plugin is inserted.

I don’t know if this functionality is already available in Cubase, if not it would be great to have it and a time saver when mixing this way.

I hope you understand my inquiry, looking forward to your reply!


To be honest, to me this doesn’t really make sense, as the fader (and I just assume you mean the big output fader) is usually just a plain digital gain, like the Cubase channel fader. So you can just use the mixer faders and get the same results, no need to complicate things.
Also, if you would link those faders, in your example you’d get a summed level reduction by -12dB, which is a bit counterintuitive.
The output fader in plugins like channel strips is commonly used for balancing out the processing done in the plugin, so that you get roughly equal loudness when bypassing the plugin.

I also don’t see the usability in this. However, as it currently is not possible you should tag your thread as a “feature-request”.

thank you for your reply!

Thank you!